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Our Team 

This team is strengthened by our commitment to following the EAGALA model for facilitating Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy.  We are made up of a Mental Health Professional, an Equine Specialist, and the Horses.  Here's a little bit about us, we hope to get the chance to learn about you too!

Ashley Lee, LPC
Clinical Director

A National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in AL, Ashley graduated from Auburn University in 2008 and received her M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Troy University in 2012.  She has spent most of her career working with at-risk youth in positions such as Life Coach, Family Advocate, and Therapist.  She has also worked in community mental health centers with the seriously mentally ill population and in local school systems.  Ashley has extensive experience in Child Advocacy Centers working with children who have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse.  Through her work with children, teens, and their families, Ashley utilizes evidence based models such as TF-CBT, REBT, and Solution Focused techniques.  She believes that incorporating experiential learning is often most effective and the quickest path to healing.

Ashley grew up riding, teaching lessons, and working with horses.  She enjoyed competing in Eventing and Foxhunting through the winter season. She always knew her time with the horses kept her grounded and emotionally healthy.  She was thrilled to complete her EAGALA certification in 2017 and is excited to offer this amazing modality of treatment to the community.

Vannessa Weatherford
Director of Equine Services

EAGALA certified since 2008, Vannessa has felt privileged to serve at risk youth for the majority of her professional career as a Group Leader, Supervisor, Mentor, Leadership Group Advisor, and ultimately EAL/EAP Facilitator.  Other responsibilities grew to include Staff Development via providing trainings, creating skill building plans, increasing staff investment in company culture, facilitating team-building workshops, and identifying retention opportunities.  Vannessa has served as the Director or Coordinator of Equine Services for nationally recognized residential treatment facilities.  She is pleased to focus on growing a program of her own.  She is an advocate of experiential learning and strives to provide each client she serves with opportunities to discover his or her own solutions. 

Vannessa has enjoyed the companionship and generosity of horses from an early age as a pleasure rider.  She has fond memories of racing through the hills and canyons of Southern California and doing barn chores while blasting music for the horses to bob their heads to while they watched her work.  She loves being able to incorporate horses as valued team members in her work with youth and professionals.  It has truly been a dream come true to bring her career into the barn in such a meaningful way!

The Horses






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