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“I had never been up close and personal to a horse…Mahogany was the first horse I felt comfortable with - she was a sweet, but stubborn older horse.  [EAL] helped rebuild my confidence… being with and watching the horses offered a sense of freedom…it was a super uplifting experience - extremely grateful for it.” ~AZ

“I lived with a lot of fear, mostly of things I should not be fearful of.  I would run from problems, because I didn’t want to attempt things and fail.  My first real experience of this perception changing was with EAL [challenges].  I myself was terrified of anything that much bigger than me so naturally I wanted to back down and not do it… Eventually I was able to bring [a] horse into the barn.  This then gave me the courage to accomplish other things within that horse barn which then led to me being able to accomplish other things outside of the horse barn.” ~ RC

"[EAL] helped me with my confidence & my confidence in being assertive." ~TB


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