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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) &

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Sessions

NO horse experience necessary. Participants will not be riding horses!

Sessions will involve activities on the ground with horses at liberty.

Individual Therapy & Skill Building

During an EAL or EAP session, an individual participant can expect to be able to to engage

in hands on activities with the horse. Every

session is unique, as the model is experiential

and client centered. This means you take the

lead. Clients will be given the space to project

and analyze their situations, make connections, and find their own solutions to their treatment plan goals.

Group Therapy & Skill Building

During an EAL and/or EAP session involving a group, each group member can expect to engage in hands on activities with horses. These activities will be tailored to focus on a subject matter that all members of the group need to explore, such as substance abuse or anger management.  Group sessions may also focus on the entire group dynamic, such as improving family relations, or following a curriculum for a particular problem shared by the group. The EAGALA model is extremely flexible.

Corporate Groups & Team Building

Corporate groups will participate in EAL. In an EAL session valuable skills can be obtained that will impact the effectiveness of an organization.  For example, often times EAL is done with teams on an organization in order to improve communication skills, leadership or team building.  Specific goals may be set, such as trouble shooting sales team performance or identifying conflicts that may hinder productivity. This process is still facilitated by a mental health professional and equine specialist but the intention is different than in EAP.

What is a Session Like?


We create customized packages for individuals, therapy practices, community agencies, treatment programs, and corporations.  We recognize that every client has unique goals and needs - we will 

build each package with that in mind.

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